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    Prayas Foundation(PFI) strives to secure the right to a life with dignity for all by actively engaging people and policy makers in the inclusive development of society.

    We are working to ensure that everyone has access to education, health and social protection; people are able to overcome poverty by earning a decent livelihood with fair trade opportunities; women lead a life of dignity, free from violence; and communities are prepared to deal with the impact of climate change, natural and man-made disasters.

    "Please join us in our mission to create a just fair and equitable society."

    The Prayas Foundation is committed to reduce rural poverty, particularly in resource-poor, degraded or remote environments. It concentrates on a small number of programs of significant scale. With a model of participatory rural development, it has pioneered to combine a set of common development principles with the flexibility to respond to specific contexts and needs.

    Enable them to be self-reliant so that they may enjoy a healthy, dignified and sustainable quality of life.


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